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Healing Ministry


For those who don't believe that God is still healing check out this report.

Denise Wolford ask God for healing power and he granted.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Here are the results of her faith & believers faith coming together.

Norva Bailey from Oklahoma healed from boils over her entire body.

Debra Jones from Texas healed from 2 lumps in her breast.

Urlean Wolford from Texas healed from swelling & pain in her foot.

Jolinda Wade from Illinois healed from back pains.

Alesha Lusk from Texas healed from an illiness.

Ruth mother from Africa healed from being paralyzed, high blood & diabetes under control.

Earnestine Ford from Texas healed from liver cancer.

Veronica Ramos from Texas healed from demons.

Bonnie Sanders Ramos from Texas healed from pain in her neck. 

Latonia Gipson from Texas healed from shortness of breath.

Name I will not mention  a Young lady from Cameron, TX wanted to end her life after services but had a change of heart after I laid hands & and the saints prayed she's alive.

Name I will not mention a Young lady from Cameron,TX had severe back pain I laid hands, before the end of services she was healed.

Denise Wolford was healed from a bladder infection 11/2009

Denise Wolford was healed from a torn muscle 4/25/2010

Have a prayer request e-mail wolford_denise@yahoo.com