In the Community

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In the Community

The Denise Wolford Community Project coming to your city..... April 1, 2011 they will be in Cameron, TX rebuilding a city park. 

40 plus years in North Texas making a differences

Donated time and non-perishable items for Alabama & Mississippi helping Bruce Carter w/OSPFunds @ Southwest Center Mall 

Marching in the comminities to make a difference in the lives of others..Starting January 2011 - December 2011 Check for your city if it's not listed and you like for us to come email us as well.

(Alexandria,LA) (Dallas,TX) (San Antonio,TX) (Chicago,IL) (Omaha,NB) (Quincy,FL) (Washington,DC) (Las Vegas,NV)

This year we will go national with the purple...We will take the purple where the pink we team up with national organizations putting a master plan in place as we run this race...join us as we make history together.

 Meals on Wheels.The Black Academy of Arts and Letters Good Friday's, Bring the community's together from around North Texas. "All under one roof"Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.Allstate Insurance Company events.Special events with The Tom Joyner Morning Show- F.V. Cruise ,City of Dallas events- Banquets, Lighting of the Pegasus.Children Medical Center- Cancer patients. Magazine write up's Rolling Out - Dallas Examiner, Ardmore, Ok Newspaper & Soup Kitchen Salvation Army and counting. 

If your company like to be a part e mail Denise Wolford at , please put in subject line Purple where the Pink?