Texas Delegates Headed to Washington

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Texas Delegates Heading for Washington

Come join us on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 12:00 at the Lincoln Memorial-reflecting pool steps in Washington, D.C. We are having a rally to bring awareness back to our nation by standing up for Prayer.  Rally for Prayer is a vision that the late Mr. Joel Cody received from God when he asked God what can I do to serve you.  Denise Wolford is the Head Delegate for the State of Texas and she invites anyone to come out and take a stand to bring Prayer back into our schools.


Update: On December 8, 2008 Kimball H.S will bring prayer back into the school

December 9, 2008 David Carter H.S. brought prayer back into the school...(Meeting at the flag pole)

Others will follow as we spread the word about how powerful prayer really is... There is power in praying....(Try it you might like it). 

Teaching about teen violence and bullying from USA to Uganda Africa

We  reach out to all schools teaching about teen violence and bullying. This has been on a rise for some time now and it has to stop! When we hear of a young person taking their own life that send's up a red flag and we work harder to try and prevent another person going to the grave too soon.

We have workshops, skits, handouts, video's and more to show each schools and make teen violence and bullying so real that we promise they will not leave the same way they came in. Our goal is to save lives and give the students a different out look on life. 

As a survivor of teen bullying who's better to tell it then myself. (Denise Wolford)




What a time we had in Washington DC



 Denise, Bonnie,Mary, Mr Randell @ the Lincoln Memorial

 Lincoln Memorial-- Reflecting pool steps

Date 10/04, 2008

Time: 12:00-4:00 p.m.

Calling all Teachers, Staff, students and general public to come and take a stand for God. We are here to represent our Father in Heaven in bringing prayer back into our schools. For further information please contact Denise Wolford @ 817-228-1323


WOW! As we interview people from Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Wyoming, S.Africa, Ghana Africa, Texas, Lousiville Kentucky they all said bring the prayer back into our schools. Pictures will be posted onto the photo gallery soon. 

What an experience to stand where MLK delivered his last speech (priceless) Denise said. As her voice project through the Lincoln Memorial people stoped and shout! Yes my sister I hear you what a work you all are doing my prayers are with you keep up the good work hats off to you all.  As Denise continue to speak with authority  saying Parent! where are you our children need you to step up... where are you! our teacher need you! our children needs you! we are here for you.  As spector's stop to take pictures and video her as she stand bold in making her statements.

Mary Williams a former teacher in North Texas ISD has been in the school system for over 30 years her experience with the teacher and students are remarkable.  Her unique way of helping the parents understand the children learning ability has been a success.  She help make a difference in the lives of others.  She also has a busniss name Literacy & More, she will be sharing her gift all over the world especially in Africa where her passion is to teach the children there.  For more information contact Mary Williams (817) 564-2344

After the rally we headed over to the White House where Denise , Mary, Bonnie, Geroge Ann, Rory , Randall and Kenny link arms as they sat and prayed for 7 min for our next leader, what a feeling that was. 

After returning Denise Wolford hit the ground running she has teamed up with Carter H.S. Kimball H.S and more schools are coming on board.  Denise has been elected to be the president of Carter H.S PTA on November 11, 2008.  Yes We Can make a difference in the lives of our children and we are do it one day at a time.


We will have our 1st ceremony on bringing the prayer back at Carter H.S teachers and students will meet at the pole every morning at 8:30 to say a prayer before the day begins. Date - TBA we would like for everyone to come out and show our children we care.


Special thanks to our photographers Rory Holmes and Kenny Holmes

Thanks to those that couldn't make it to Washington, Pastor Eben Conner, Pastor James Turknett, Pastor Jolinda Wade, Anita Lawson, Charles, Ron Price, Pastor & 1st Lady Spivey and othes.


Remember the children are our future.